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“Miracle. It is badly identified when it is thought to mean that which we don’t understand.  That’s the popular way the word is used, but it’s not the Christian way. . . Miracle, through the biblical tradition, is not what … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“Jesus says: ‘You have a home . . . I am your home . . . claim me as your home . . . you will find it to be the intimate place where I have found my home . … Continue reading

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From My Reading

NOTE:  I am spending my days and nights in the hospital with my husband who is extremely ill.  For now my words are deep inside, so I share with you the words of others who have deepened  my spiritual journey … Continue reading

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“The poor are the center of the Church. But who are the poor? At first we might think of people who are not like us: people who live in slums, people who go to soup kitchens, people who sleep on the … Continue reading

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“Knowing and naming brokenness is essential in the journey toward wholeness. We will not be well by denying the wrongs that we carry within us as nations and religions and communities. Nor will we be well by downplaying them or … Continue reading

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“In light of today’s information overload, people are looking for a few clear certitudes by which to define themselves. . . .  We cannot settle today’s confusion by pretending to have absolute and certain answers. But we must not give up … Continue reading

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“There was  a genius about the American Founding and the emergence of American democratic politics.  That genius lay in no small part in the recognition that the Republic was as susceptible to human passions and frustrations as human beings themselves. … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“There is nothing wrong with churches wanting to be culturally relevant.  But are gimmicks going to bring young people back to church?  Is that what people really hunger for?  I think the younger generation sees through what is slick and … Continue reading

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