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A Reconciling Third

LIVING AS APPRENTICES The quote below is a portion of a daily meditation from Richard Rohr.  It is a freeing description of how we can resolve the tension between two people or groups who must always be right. (I have … Continue reading

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The Best Building Plan

LIVING AS APPRENTICES I recently read a conversation between Richard Foster and Jon Bailey. They were speaking about Renovare, the organization Foster and others began twenty-five years ago to give  leadership and direction for the future of spiritual formation as a … Continue reading

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Writers on Writing

WRITING AS AN ACT OF FAITH These quotes were taken from Shouts and Whispers, Twenty-One Writers Speak About Their Writing and Their Faith, by Jennifer L. Holberg, associate professor of English at Calvin College. “To write in faith is to … Continue reading

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Let the Little Children Come unto Me?

I’M JUST SAYIN’ Many Americans are incensed about the flood of undocumented children and teens crossing the Texas/Mexico border and are calling for them all to be “sent back.” Consider the following: 1.  Many of these children have been sent … Continue reading

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Being Awake for the Sunrise

LIVING AS APPRENTICES “The Sufi tell of the disciple who asked the elder, “Is there anything I can do to make myself enlightened?” “As little as you can do to make the sun rise in the morning.” “Then, of what … Continue reading

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I am Somebody Special!

LIVING AS APPRENTICES A few months ago, my pastor mentioned during a worship service that this blog is the only one he reads regularly.  The people around me turned, smiled, and gave a thumbs up; of course, I felt warm … Continue reading

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Finding Rest – By Kayla McClurg

LIVING AS APPRENTICES “We are rarely satisfied. We tend to be continually busy yet jealously guard our down time. We are both generous and self-serving, overly confident and doubting. We are buried in things and see more that we want. We want to join the dance; we want … Continue reading

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