Navigating the Categories in this Blog

Categories are tools bloggers to organize individual posts. The system is much like file drawers and folders. The drawer is the main theme of the category; the individual posts are like hanging files. Since this blog has well over 525 posts, it is time to explain some of the categories. (You will find a list of all of them on the right margin where it says “Check Out Blogs in These Categories.”)

LIVING AS APPRENTICES is the major category with the most posts because that’s the mission of my blog.  This category contains information and inspiration about “becoming more like Jesus.” From spiritual disciplines to social justice to Bible studies, to having a mind like Christ, this category contains practical choices to help us as Christ followers.

El Shaddi bannersGOING DEEPER WITH GOD  – Posts in this category are short Bible studies with a twist.  Each post is about a short passage or two, a bit of information about the passage, a  list of soul-training exercises to reinforce the behavior or Biblical narrative being studied and a relevant quote.   Eugene Peterson once said about Scripture that we should “eat this Book.”  These posts allow you to “chew” and “digest” important Scripture.

 – this category  contains quotes gleaned from my reading. Sometime there is a bit of commentary along with the quote.  Some are spiritual some are political or global in nature.  All are beautifully written and worth remembering.

MY JOURNEY – this is just what it says:  Stories from my more than seventy years on this planet. Posts in this category will help give perspective to the other posts you might read. You’ll learn about  my interracial marriage, my spiritual journey, and my struggles with the institu- tional church. You can also  walk with me through my interactions with people as I learned to walk with Jesus

THEME CATEGORIES Becoming a Wounded Healer, Hope Changes  Everything, Live Yowounded healer quote 2ur Calling, Who am I When my Body Fails Me?, The 12 Steps and  Spiritual Formation, etc. all contain posts organized on the subject named by the category. Some of the posts feature guest bloggers because it’s always helpful to hear about other people’s perspective and experience. The newest theme category is called Choices.  Check it out soon.

♦   If you are a writer, be sure to visit the category Writing as an Act of Faith for quotes and comments from famous writers about  writing  – as well as posts about my experiences.