“For every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills” (Ps 50:10 NIV)



We were traveling through Iowa and Kansas  on a crisp and sunny September afternoon.  I was fascinated by the acres and acres of corn fields decorated by ribbons of fields of  grain.  As we crested a hill,  I noticed  black Angus cattle grazing on the brilliant green hills sur- rounding us.  The stunning contrast of  the blackness of an occasional animal silhouetted against the green hills brought unbidden the words of a hymn that I haven’t thought of in years:

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills,
The wealth in every mine;
He owns the rivers and the rocks and rills,
The sun and stars that shine.
Wonderful riches, more than tongue can tell –
He is my Father so they’re mine as well;
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills –
I know that He will care for me.

Later I looked up the hymn and learned that the composer was John Peterson, a prolific writer of hymns and anthems who was from Lindsborg, Kansas.  Of course he was!  He later settled in Grand Rapids. MI to head up the Singspiration Publishing House.   I was thrilled to be able to bring up the memory of this moment of wonder as I listened to the hymn.

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