Astronauts, music and faith

Thinking and puzzling and imagining around creation are always living in wonder moments for me.  After I read the following quote from Walking on Water, Reflections on Faith and Art  at bedtime last night, I lay awake for at least an hour (so much for reading to put you to sleep!). The author, Madeleine D’Engle, wrote this in 1972 (!) So many more wonder moments have been created by scientists in the forty years since.  But this little story symbolizes our (at least my) puny understanding of the relationship between Kairos (God’s time) and Chronos (our time) as well as how sound waves are interconnected with time.

“One of the more delightful mysteries of sound came when the astronauts on one of our early spaceships heard a program of nostalgic music over their sound system and radioed NASA to thank whoever it was who had sent them the program.  From NASA came the rather baffled reply that they had sent the astronauts no such program and knew nothing about it.

This phenomenon triggered a great deal of interest and research:  who had beamed the music to the astronauts?  What was its source?  All the radio and TV programs all over the country at that day and hour were checked out, and none of them was responsible for the music the astronauts had so enjoyed.  . . . Research finally revealed that that particular program had been broadcast in the 1930’s.

How do you explain it?  You don’t. Nor can you explain it away.  It happened.  And I give it the same kind of awed faith that I do the Annunciation or the Ascension:  there is much that we cannot understand, but our lack of comprehension neither negates nor eliminates it.”

How wonderful to worship in wonder a God who is so far beyond us that we  are often stunned and helpless (even in 2012) to understand the operation of the universe he created.

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