Cleaning Lessons – by Sally Hoekstra

I don’t like clutter. Papers and books and junk mail and stacks of catalogs and pillows and baskets of yarn – these things, and more, lying around make me restless and unsettled.  So I try to keep the clutter at bay, to keep my mind at peace.  While I see and don’t like clutter in my house, I don’t see dirt. Unless it’s shredded cheese on the kitchen floor for a few days or cat fur dulling the colors of the rug or a spot on the wooden floor, when caught in the sunlight, shows that no dust mop has been past it in a very long time.

Today I noticed cobwebs all along the floor edge of my china cabinet and I wondered I wondered about the dirt in me and I wondered what Jesus sees.  I imagine that He sees me going here and there, working and meeting people and doing errands.   He sees how cluttered my time is.  And he sees that my MIND is not calm and not peaceful.  I know this, so I try to find moments of quiet during the day.  Like the clutter in my house, it’s hard to make the time and find a state of being “uncluttered.”

But the dirt and dust!!!!  I would like to think that God doesn’t see my personal dirt – just like I don’t see the dirt and dust in my house.  But I know He does and He patiently waits for me to apologize so that He may sweep the floors and dust off the shelves.

I am one in whom Christ dwells and delights, but it is still my responsibility to unclutter my life and to ask for forgiveness to be clean.  Somehow I don’t think picking up or cleaning my house will ever feel the same again.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Thank you, Sally. This is a good one for me too.

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