The Gift – By Terry Wickart

Would you intentionally discard a gift?  What about a gift from God? Impossible! is what we think. Yet it happens. Without our even giving it a second thought, a day slips by and is gone, a gift from God. Each day is a new beginning, never to be again. new dayA new story, a clean slate, a fresh canvas, almost too good to be true! Not to be taken for granted, but treasured.

Life is not meant to be lived like the slow, steady beat of a funeral march until the inevitable end. Live life the way it was intended, joyful in its entirety, ever mindful of the source. Dance the dance of life! Embrace this joy with the knowledge of all the good that lies ahead.

Lord, make me as a child again. Fill me with the wonder I have felt so many times before, thankful of your gifts and the bounty of my life.  Fill the empty places of my heart until they are overflowing with joy and love.  

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2 Responses to The Gift – By Terry Wickart

  1. I was immediately caught by the thought of discarding the gift of a day of life. Not only do I waste days, but I sometimes grouse so much about the day that I ruin it. Life is joyful, unless we choose differently.

  2. Jeanne says:

    A good reminder to me. I forget how good I’ve got it. Thank you, Terry.

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