“The InBetween of Things”

As a failed science student (due as much to poor teaching as to lack of aptitude), I have lately become energized about filling my huge gaps of scientific knowledge by the resurgence of interest by scientists and theologians in the relationship between science and spirituality. Thus today’s quote from Richard Rohr, which motivates me even more:

“One reason so many theologians are interested in the Trinity now is that we’re finding both physics (especially quantum physics) and cosmology are at a level of development where the sciences in general, our understanding of the atom and our understanding of galaxies, is affirming and confirming our use of the old Trinitarian language—but with a whole new level of appreciation. Reality is radically relational, and all the power is in the relationships themselves! Not in the particles or the planets, but in the space in between the particles and planets. It It sounds a lot like what we called Holy Spirit.

No good Christians would have denied the Trinitarian Mystery, but until our generation none were prepared to see that the shape of God is the shape of the whole universe!

Great science, which we once considered an “enemy” of religion, is now helping us see that we’re standing in the middle of awesome Mystery, and the only response before that Mystery is immense humility. Astrophysicists are much more comfortable with darkness, emptiness, non-explainability (dark matter, black holes), and living with hypotheses than most Christians I know. Who could have imagined this?”

                        Adapted from The Shape of God: Deepening the Mystery of the Trinity
                        (CD, DVD, MP3

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