The Spirit in Our Life

“Have we ever kept quiet, even though we wanted to defend ourselves when we had been unfairly treated? Have we ever forgiven someone even though we got no thanks? Have we ever been absolutely lonely?alone in crowd Have we ever tried to love God when we are no longer being borne on the crest of the wave of enthusiastic feeling? Let us search in our life. If we find such experiences, then we have experienced the Spirit.”   Karl Rahner

Let’s add to this list of ways of experiencing the Spirit in our lives.  Just search your life as Rahner suggests and share what you find in a comment to this post.

Here’s one of mine: Whenever I am just “being” and then note guiltily that I’m not being “productive” but I DON’T look for something to do, I know I have experienced the Spirit.

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4 Responses to The Spirit in Our Life

  1. Thanks for your wise comment, Ron. Practicing the presence of God is one of my favorite spiritual disciplines because it keeps me more in touch with that still, small voice. I love Brother Lawrence’s model of having an ongoing conversation with God while we are carrying our with our ordinary lives.

  2. Ron Stilwell says:

    Interesting… I just sent a quote from Sirach 11:10-13 about the wisdom and gift of being “unproductive” to a good friend who facilitates a bible study group for job seekers. But to answer your gentle challenge, it continues to amaze me how profound the spirit and wisdom of God is alive and working in each of us….if we will stop and listen. In my case, the temptation to listen to the voice of others has too often drowned out the still, small voice within that holds the secret to self-awareness, development, and the possibility of transformation.

  3. I feel the same connection with many writers which, I guess, is why I include so many quotes on this blog. What I read connects so strongly with my soul that I feel a need to share the words.

  4. cody.raak says:

    I recognize the Spirit’s work in my life most clearly when I read a book and feel a real relationship with the writer being fostered. I have felt this most clearly with the Bible, but also with St. Augustine, John Calvin, Eugene Peterson, even some fiction writers. I hear their voice, and feel somehow connected to them; I thank God’s Holy Spirit for uniting me to the “cloud of witnesses,” to the whole “Body of Christ” in all times and all places.

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