The Wonder of the Presence of God


This devotional first appeared in the July, August, September 2013 issue of Words of Hope.  It is reprinted  with permission. (You can find others in the category Living in Wonder Moments  on the right hand side of the Home page.)

Read:  Exodus 3: 1-5

Take your sandals off your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground. (v.5)

Like many Bible stories, the details of this story are foreign to most of us.  The location (the wilderness, the main prop (a blazing bush that doesn’t burn up), and the main character’s profession (shepherd) are not part of our experience.  However, it is still a story with which we can all identify because it is the story of the wonder of the presence of God.

The main character, Moses, sinned grievously and ran for his life.  He has made a new life and seems content.  Then God steps in and changes everything.  Moses stops and to look at a blazing bush.  God warns him about holy ground, reveals who he is, and explains his problem: his people are suffering.  Then God delivers a line that Moses probably thought he would never hear:  it’s time for you to go back and solve the problem.  They debate.  Moses hedges . . . He refuses . . . He finally surrenders.  He leads God’s people to freedom.

This is my story and yours.  God meets us in a small corner of our life which becomes a holy corner.  In wonder, we realize that the God of the universe wants to talk to us.  And not only that, God is calling us to a job in his kingdom!  Wonder becomes reality as God encourages us and, despite our misgivings, uses us! – Karen Bables

Prayer:  Father, I pray for burning bushes, conversations, and kingdom work to do.


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