Big Me vs. Big God

quote imageThe following quote is from Shayne Looper, pastor of Lockwood Community Church in Branch County, MI. It was published in the Holland Sentinel on May 22, 2015  Read more of Shayne’s thoughts on his blog.  (Don’t be fooled; his blog looks just like mine!)

New York Times columnist David Brooks recently released a new book titled The Road to Character.  In an interview for Christianity Today with Jeff Haanen, of the Denver Institute for Faith and Work, Brooks talked about what he describes as today’s “Big Me” culture.

“He  cites a Gallup survey from 1950 in which high school seniors were asked, “Are you a very important person?” In 1950, 12 percent of those surveyed said yes. Gallup asked the same question of high school seniors a few years ago, and 80 percent of the respondents said yes.  . . . this rise in narcissism on the one hand and a total lack of the self-awareness of sin on the other, has created a “Big Me” culturenarcissism-and-health_1 in which self-promotion is not just tolerated but expected – and, in some cases, required for success.

“. . . . The best way to escape the “Big Me” culture that Brooks laments is to become a “Big God person.  Without a big God, a person has no choice but to be come (or try to appear) a big person.  Without a God who will justify you, you’ll have to justify yourself. It’s the person with a big God who can risk being a small.  It’s the person who has been captivated by the greatness of God and by the value of his fellows, who is set free to be himself; that is who can be humble.”

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