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Dear Followers,

Since you get your notification about new blogs by e-mail, you probably rarely visit the blog itself.  So I’d like to let you know about a new page that is debuting this week, Book stack of booksRecommendations.  I love books, real books, all sizes and shapes of books on all manner of subjects.  I love the heft of them, the aroma, the “come hither” covers, the print styles.  I’m always quoting from books, so I’ve created a page that can capture my favorites for others to see.  Check this page out on the menu bar below the tree-lined path on the home page * of the blog for recommendations of several books (so far):  novels, a spiritual formation book, and a biography of Dallas Willard.

Our spring series is Who Am I when my Body Fails Me?  Several guest bloggers have or will contribute their thoughts to this question  before the series ends in June.  Be sure to catch these by going to the list of categories on the right hand side of the home page

You also might want to check out the “Best Of” page also on the menu bar.  It directs you to ten blogs that I think demonstrate what this blog is all about.  Some are among the first hundred of the 355 posts written for this blog; newer followers may have missed them.

Thanks for being part of the “tribe” that wants to live as apprentices for Jesus!

*In case this link doesn’t work, the blog address is:

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  1. Kathleen Coveny says:

    This is great Karen. Thank you!

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