A Garden that Love Created

flowers are friendsRecently I was surprised by a call from a friend saying he was on his way to trim a huge bush by our front door. As he pruned away, we discussed removing the bush in the spring and planting something smaller. Then he noticed a wild rose-bush that needed cutting back and some wayward branches on an ornamental tree.  I also asked him about a lilac bush that began life in my garden as an 8-inch slip from the local library for Arbor Day several years ago and is now over my head.  He said he thought it would be better to wait until spring. This is the second time that Jim has visited to prune the bushes and trees in my yard.  This time I rewarded him for his work and advice with a freshly baked blueberry muffin.

During this growing season I have been physically unable to care for my yard properly. Knowing how important my garden and yard are to me, others, like Jim, have offered to help. I  am finally mature enough to accept it.  My sister and a friend have more than once helped me pull hundreds of weeds from landscaping surrounding the house. The yard itself, cared for by my nephew with skill and attention to detail far beyond what we pay him, is lush, green, and soft underfoot and carefully trimmed.

Everywhere I look around my yard, flowers bloomed extravagantly this summer.  Daisies and Asiatic lilies were taller and fuller and their blossoms lasted longer than in any other year. Purple, pink, and raspberry-colored chrysanthemums bloomed brighter and earlier. Black-eyed susans are so profuse that they overran their space and had to be trimmed. The butterfly bush is happily hosting bees and butterflies. Another Featured imagelarge bush is decked out with hundreds of small yellow blossoms. Pink and burgundy petunias, bright yellow marigolds, and red seed geraniums have flourished wherever planted. Button-like zinnias that I couldn’t get out to plant until July are strong and tall.

Every time I sit outside or glance out the window, I rejoice. Yes, the weather provided good growing conditions this year. But I am convinced that my yard is luxuriant and my flowers are gorgeous because love was showered everywhere.  I will always remember this summer for the garden that love created.

friends are flowers image by olaalaa.com; Proverbs quote by http://www.suggestkeyword.com

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2 Responses to A Garden that Love Created

  1. TIm,
    What a lovely quote from Proverbs. I don’t remember ever reading that. It is the perfect touch. I think I will add it to the post. Thanks!

  2. Tim Henley says:

    Thank you Karen for refreshing my soul today with your words of life. This morning you brought me into your garden that love created, it’s beautiful. “The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” —Proverbs 11:25

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