Living in Gratitude – Part 3, The Prayers of a Toddler, Guest Blog by Sally Hoekstra

The Novembergratitude stone holiday of Thanksgiving in the United States offers us a time to reflect on the grace of God in our lives.  This series will focus on the fact that gratitude is the rock of our faith; if we lose gratitude, we lose our way.

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The Prayers of a Toddler

She always asks them to pray before a meal and bedtime. Sometimes it’s “mumble, mumble, mumble. Amen.”  And sometime it’s the mention of a family member or of Bapa’s truck. But on this day he prayed, “Lord Jesus, I’ve got my lunch.” And there it was . . . acknowledging the giver and what had been given and received.

Yes, we all have laughed and shared the story, but I keep returning to and focusing on the direct innocence of the words and heart.  How often do we either forget to pray at all or go into long requests or details of a situation or a circumstance or maybe even telling the good Lord how we think the prayer should be answered.child praying

My grandson’s prayer was giving thanks for food. And in the Lord’s Prayer we have been instructed to ask for our daily bread. The Message says it this way, “Keep us alive with three square meals.”

For me the lesson is this: “Lord Jesus, she’s sick” or “Lord Jesus, I am safe” or “Lord Jesus, keep her safe” or “Lord Jesus, thank you.”  Or “Lord Jesus, I got my lunch.”

There is so much to learn from a toddler. “Lord Jesus, I am blessed.”

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