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“Evangelicals my-favorite-quotesare sensitive to what we call ‘God moments’ – when circumstances fall together in a way that suggests God is at work in our lives in a fresh way. . . . We are currently experiencing a new ‘God moment,” when God is shining his burning light on how our nation and our churches are fractured by racial division and injustice. In the past two years, we’ve seen image after image of injustice perpetrated against black Americans. We’ve studied the statistics. And most important, we’ve heard the anguished cry of a suffering community that is understandably hurting, angry, and demanding progress.

. . . . To be evangelical now means to be no longer deaf to these cries or to God’s call.  . . . In the past two years, evangelicals have coalesced  on this issue [racism] on a massive scale. It’s hard to find a mainstream white evangelical leader or historically white evangelical organization that doesn’t believe that racial justice is now a core concern, alongside abortion, human sexuality, and religious freedom – and  that doesn’t believe that the days of all-white evangelical organizations is coming to an end. . . .

To say that we have coalesced doesn’t mean that every single evangelical church is fully on board or knows the next steps to take in their context.  That said, we thank God for pulling the scales from our eyes and prodding us to more fully love him and our neighbors – all of then – as ourselves” (Mark Galli in the September, 2016 issue of Christianity Today).

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“Hospitality involves accepting responsibility to care for the strangers, the ones at our gate, but also those a world away. The biggest obstacle to hospitality is not the state of the world. It is the state of our minds and hearts”  (Lonni Collins in Radical Hospitality).

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“The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good,” wrote C.S. Lewis, “but that God will make us good because he loves us.” A long time ago in an edenic garden, God created and declared that human beings were ‘good.’ He has not forgotten his word. His love will make us good. This is what redemption is all about. Our job is to surrender to love, to learn how to receive and cultivate that love, and in doing so, to become love. Simply put, to become like Christ” (Jon Bailey in Becoming Love from the Renovare Weekly Digest, October 28, 2016).

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“This is perhaps the most basic misconception people have about prayer—that it means telling God what we want. Prayer, in fact, is interaction. You can find illustrations throughout the Bible, from Adam and Eve through the Book of Revelation, of the kind of interchange that goes on in prayer. . . . Prayer is mainly listening. It is the interaction, the dialogue, the interchange between two individuals. It’s talking with God and hearing from God about what God and I are doing together” (Richard Foster in  Discipleship Journal, March/April 1994).

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  1. I agree with you about prayer. Thank you.

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