My Garden in the Sky

One of my projected sorrows when moving last summer from a manufactured home with a lovely yard  to an apartment complex was the loss of my flower gardens. However, that unnecessary anxiety was erased this summer by the beautiful, luxuriant potted plants that fill our balcony. 

They were easy to plant (after I lugged 6 bags of Miracle Gro potting soil and all the plants up the stairs), require no weeding, take 5 minutes to water (if there is no rain), and are colorful reminders of God’s beautiful world.  

My sister has been part of my gardening for  two summers – as I grew too weak to take care of it by myself.  So I was excited to show her my garden in the sky weeks ago after it was just planted and then again a few days ago, now that it has fulfilled its promise to display God’s glory.  Her comment was, “They are happy here!”  

I had to agree. They are happy here. And why not? They have plenty of water, enough food for the growing season, sunlight – and most important, a lot of love!  What else could they want?

I thought about that question throughout this week. Is human happiness that easy to find? The same Creator provides and cares for me. I currently have everything I need to keep my body as healthy as it can be in this season.  I have the Light of the World available to me at all times.  I have the love of family and friends to encourage my growth.  To quote a cliché, I have learned to “bloom where I am planted” just as my petunias, daisies, marigolds, geraniums, delphinium, and begonias have.  We can learn a lot about the grace of God just by looking around us. 

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