How We Do Life

This blog is quickly building up to 800 posts!  Here is a post on sacramental living from May 16, 2015 that never gets old .

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How you do this moment is probably who you are.” This title of a daily devotional by Richard Rohr really got my attention this morning. Fr. Richard goes on to say, “The full now is always a taste of something really real. It therefore entices us to imagine the eternal and live in an eternal now. We are just practicing for heaven. How we do anything is finally how we do everything.”

What a lovely summary of the philosophy behind “sacramental living” or “One day at a time” reminders!  I remember living so far in the future that I would say in March, “I can’t wait until it’s June when all this _____  (and I would fill in the blank with a variety of “to do’s or events) will be over and I can relax.”  When I’m too busy or have left myself with-out margin,  I find myself lapsing into that thinking again.  I also remember times when I lived more in the past than in the present.

I finally became able to focus more on the present when I really understood that God lives only in the present moment – outside of our artificial construct of Time. When we step outside the present into the past or the future, we are stepping outside of the kingdom.

Rohr now adds another piece to the puzzle:  how we act in each present moment is who we really are. So here’s a fascinating soul-training exercise for today. Try to step outside yourself many times during the day to see if how you are acting in that moment is who you want to be. Reminding ourselves that how we do this moment is probably who we are might create some startling awarenesses. . . and lead to changes in attitude and behavior.

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