Ash Wednesday Devotional: Being with God

In her book Firstlight, Sue Monk Kidd relates this charming story:

One evening as I sat in the rocker working on a piece of needlepoint, I got one of those feelings of being watched.  Looking up, I saw my five-year-old son standing from the doorway.   He wandered over and crawled in my lap. “What do you want?” I asked.  

“Nothing,” he said. “I just want to be with you.”  He laid his head on my arm content to be near me, to curl up in my circle of lamplight and be in my presence.

The most beautiful prayer is to sit with God that way. To pray, not because I want something, not because I’m in trouble again, but because I simply want to be close.

Soul-training Exercise:  

This story presents a delightful picture of what it is to share time with God.  Spend a few moments being a child again and imagining what it is like to be with God. Here’s are some examples: 

sharing time with God is like relaxing by a warm fire with an old and well-loved friend, reminiscing, looking ahead, and feeling  safe and loved .”

♥  sharing time with God is like sitting in warm sunlight, listening to bird songs, smelling new cut grass, smiling at squirrel antics, and feeling grateful and comfortable.”

♥  sharing time with God is like strolling along the beach, taking in the glory of a pink, red, and orange sunset, and feeling wonder, awe,  and joy. 

Use one of these examples or choose one of your own and spend 15 minutes just “being with” God once or twice this week.  Inspire other readers by sharing your examples in a comment to this post.

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