Praying with Scripture: Habakuk 3: 17-19

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  1. I think your sharing would have been more effective if you had omitted your reference to former president Trump. I’m disappointed in the political tinged reference.

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    • I believe that my spiritual formation must impact all facets of my life. I am a Christian who is an American citizen and my spiritual goals of love, friendship, compassion, fairness, truth and grace must impact my citizenship – both in God’s Kingdom and in my country. I also believe Christians must be well informed about history and aware of politics. I believe that President Trump did (and still does) great harm to our country. As a Christian I have the duty and the right to react to the dangers his ego and selfishness brought to my world and to all of America. (Also, I believe I am in good company; prophets like Habakkuk were not afraid to use “politically tinged references.”)

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