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From my Reading

“To offer hospitality to a stranger is to welcome something new, unfamiliar and unknown into our life-world. . . . Strangers have stories to tell which we  have never heard before, stories which can redirect our seeing and stimulate our … Continue reading

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Who am I when my Body Fails Me – Someone Facing Death

Geriatrician Joanne Lynn frequently asks these two questions of the audiences of health experts she speaks to:  “How many of you expect to die?” And in every audience some people do not raise their hands. Then she asks, “Would you prefer to … Continue reading

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Looking Inward

LIVING AS APPRENTICES I was describing a recent introspective moment to a friend. I told her that I had analyzed my defensive reaction to an e-mail and found another  example of “vainglory” – the need to impress others to gain … Continue reading

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