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Changing Seasons

I live in the mid-west area of the United States, a place where we experience all the  seasons. I can’t imagine living where the leaves don’t turn red and gold  or snowflakes don’t  drift into fluffy piles – even if the … Continue reading

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On Turning 75

Five years I wrote a brief post about turning 70 years old.  Yesterday, I became 75. One of my friends in my writer’s group is also celebrating her 75th birthday in a few months.  She is planning to write personal reflections about … Continue reading

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Who Am I When My Body Fails Me – Dying Before You Die

Who am I When My Body Fails Me? is a question we all need to ask ourselves when injury or illness takes its toll on our lives. How are we different? How are we the same? How do we respond to … Continue reading

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“It is no wonder that Jesus used the word “Change!” as his dramatic opening line in the Gospels (Mk 1:15, Mt. 3:3)  There is a necessary movement on each of our parts – probably one of many in our lives … Continue reading

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Watch what Jesus Does

“God isn’t looking for servants. God isn’t looking for slaves, workers, contestants to play the game or jump the hoops correctly. God is simply looking for images! God wants images of God to walk around the earth…. God wants usable … Continue reading

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Dumbing Down Ash Wednesday

“Church is offering drive-thru option for Ash Wednesday” This is a headline on the Faith & Belief Page in today’s newspaper.  Here’s the first paragraph:  “You can use the drive-thru for your favorite fast food.  You can use the drive-thru to … Continue reading

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Keeping the Wolf From the Door

LIVING AS APPRENTICES I recently watched a short documentary on Vimeo,  Ken Burns: On Story, about the craft of storytelling. In it the filmmaker says, “We  have to keep the wolf from the door. We tell stories to continue ourselves. … Continue reading

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