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Solidarity – Part 3

I have written two posts about my interactions (battles) with the neighbor in the apartment above me. The idea was to encourage solidarity with others in our bitter world (Part 1) and to share the concept that solidarity starts with … Continue reading

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Learning from the Serenity Prayer: The Present Moment

The Serenity Prayer was “built” for days like we are experiencing during the pandemic. I have realized that I need the words of the Serenity Prayer more than ever. You may, too. So for the next four weeks (April 12 – … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Dirty Windows

To me the most important feature of a place to live is the amount of light that comes through the doors and windows. Therefore, I was ecstatic when each time our manufactured home was finally placed on a lot (moving the … Continue reading

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Living the Serenity Prayer: Acceptance

The Serenity Prayer has a long and rather mysterious history. The first three lines were made popular by  Reinhold Niebuhr (1892 -1971), as part of a 1934 lecture. The modern prayer is several lines longer. In 1941, the prayer was … Continue reading

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A Hard Life

“You have had a hard life,” she said. I deflected the comment. Later, musing in the early morning, I had to agree. I, like most people, have had a hard life. I have made bad choices. I have made choices influenced … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“In reality, we don’t first find ourselves, then participate in relationships. Instead, we were made to know our true selves in relationships. Catholic philosopher Charles Taylor puts it this way:  “No one acquires the languages needed for self-definition on their … Continue reading

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