God’s Greatest Blessing

A co-worker jolted me a bit today by mentioning that Thanksgiving is two weeks from today! We commiserated about how quickly the days go by.  The conversation and some tasks at work got me thinking about counting our blessings – one of the best-loved soul-training exercises in the Apprentice Series.  When we study The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith, we are encouraged to make a list of 100 blessings – things with which God blesses us and things that make our lives wonderful, like ice cream and pizza! 

Then I remembered a comment by Thomas Keating in the book Invitation to Love

“On the spiritual journey, there is usually someone in our family, business or community whom we cannot endure, someone who has a genius for bringing out the worst in us. No matter what we do, we cannot seem to improve the relationship. They have not done anything to cause it. God simply uses them to reflect back to us what our problem is. Thus the person who gives us the most trouble may be our greatest gift [or our greatest blessing] from God.” 

If you count your blessings before you go to sleep or in the weeks leading up to Thanks- giving, you might want to add Keating’s suggestion to your list.  It might be the  very one that leads to transformation – of that relationship and of your life.

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