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Fostering a Deeper Commitment

Nathan Foster recently admitted having a “broken ‘hoper’” – even when it comes to the Church. He says:  “It doesn’t take many years of living life, watching the way things work out, the conclusions, the trends, the frailness and predicaments … Continue reading

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Better than Fight or Flight

Living as Apprentices In his book The Walk, The Life-Changing Journey of Two Friends, Michael Card describes a time in his life when he was frustrated and bitter about the state of the Christian music industry. His emotional state was … Continue reading

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God’s Greatest Blessing

A co-worker jolted me a bit today by mentioning that Thanksgiving is two weeks from today! We commiserated about how quickly the days go by.  The conversation and some tasks at work got me thinking about counting our blessings – one of … Continue reading

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Chasing the Holy Spirit

San Antonio, June 2009.  I am jammed into a  crowded hotel meeting room. Eager participants are dragging chairs from other rooms into the aisles.  The stifling air is filled with  eager chatter.  Finally a professorial and  pretty ordinary looking man and five 20’s or 30’s -something young people … Continue reading

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