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An Angel in the Rock – Elizabeth O’Connor

“Somewhere I heard a story about Michelangelo’s pushing a huge piece of rock down a street. A curious neighbor sitting lazily on the porch of his house called to him and inquired why he labored so over an old piece of … Continue reading

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Where are You?

My husband Fred has been ill for several weeks.  By the time he was finally hospitalized, a lung infection had spread to his kidneys and to his brain.  After about two hours in the emergency room, he became non-responsive.  We talked to … Continue reading

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Becoming Ourselves – Kayla McClurg

“When I reflect on the life and witness of Martin Luther King, Jr., one thing that strikes me is obvious: he didn’t start out to be who he ended up being. He didn’t set out to be a visionary leader, intent … Continue reading

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Just the Right Word

I have always been a “word person.” Words and phrases catch me up and toss me around like a leaf whirling in an autumn breeze. And I am constantly attempting to grab just the right one. I remember asking my … Continue reading

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Musings on the Last Issue of Newsweek

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older (way older!), but I’ve been struck recently by endings. A few weeks ago, I read the last print issue of Newsweek magazine.  Now, I’ve been reading Newsweek faithfully since I was in college in … Continue reading

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The Gift – By Terry Wickart

Would you intentionally discard a gift?  What about a gift from God? Impossible! is what we think. Yet it happens. Without our even giving it a second thought, a day slips by and is gone, a gift from God. Each day … Continue reading

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It’s a Small World, After All

“It’s a world of laughter, a world or tears it’s a world of hopes, it’s a world of fear there’s so much that we share that its time we’re aware it’s a small world after all There is just one moon … Continue reading

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Year-ending,Year-beginning – Quote from Elizabeth O’Connor

Use New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day as a time of reflection on the year gone and the year to come:What took place in your home relations? Your work relations? Your church relations? What events in the larger community … Continue reading

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