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From My Reading – March

“By contemplation, we mean the deliberate seeking of God through a willingness to detach from the passing self, the tyranny of emotions, the addiction to self-image, and the false promises of the world. Action, as we are using the word, means … Continue reading

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Buying $3 Worth of God

I was hopscotching through some of my early posts the other day when I found this quote: “I would like to buy $3 worth of God, please, not enough to explode my soul or disturb my sleep, but just enough … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“In his teaching and preaching, Jesus was forever calling our attention to the seemingly trivial, the small, and the insignificant—like lost children, lost coins, lost sheep, a mustard seed. The Kingdom involves the ability to see God within those people … Continue reading

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To Act Justly – We will Protest

The Ten Commitments of Resistance in the Trump Era by Wallis, editor of the social justice journal Sojourners, was written to help Christians deal positively with the election of Donald Trump and the principles of his presidency. No matter whatever your … Continue reading

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Keeping Open the Doors of our Hearts

This blog now contains over 560 posts. The post below first appeared in November, 2012. I am sharing it again because it is appropriate for us  to remember in a time of racial division.  The following quote is by Howard Thurman, … Continue reading

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Hope has the Last Word

On April 4, 1967, Martin Luther King delivered his first public antiwar speech, “Beyond Vietnam,” at New York’s Riverside Church. As I read the speech this morning, it was painfully obvious that Dr. King’s words are appropriate to the world … Continue reading

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Countering the World’s Darkness

Note to “followers”:  This may have gone out to you earlier last week as a DRAFT.  I’m re-posting it so that it will be part of the actual blog Living as Apprentices in an amoral world that daily spawns pain, … Continue reading

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Letter from Birmingham Jail

Today we are reminded of the life and work of Martin Luther King and many other courageous men and women who fought, non-violently, against discrimination and injustice and for the right of all people to live in the reality of … Continue reading

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