Giving up the Need to Know

Living as Apprentices

In my teaching (currently about the 12 steps and spiritual formation) I have often seen people blocked from intimacy with God by their inability to stop asking questions.  My freedom came with the understanding that if I knew all the answers I would be the Creator not the created one.  Kayla McClurg speaks to this in a post on Inward/Outward.

Too often we choose the paralysis of analysis over the freedom of full scale awe. To let myself be in awe of what I do not grasp with my mind, to be in awe of the grand mystery that underlies all that is and does not depend on my being able to explain it, is to know that I am very, very small, and God is not. It is to accept my humble place and to be in awe of it. It is to acknowledge that I can see more than I thought possible. Asking questions keeps me busy and feeling important, but being silent long enough to discover that I might not even have the right questions, this can be my doorway into awe. I wonder, will I just be quiet now and let myself be healed?

Today I wish for you the ability to surrender the need to know and to live in awe!

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  1. Ruth says:

    Ah, yes. Shifting, once again, from the importance of self to living “with-God” in acceptance and through surrender.

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