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Putting Away Childhood

MY JOURNEY Today I took my granddaughter out to lunch to celebrate her 15th birthday. As we ate, she tentatively mentioned her dream of owning a car by her 16th birthday. As we talked it through, I mentioned that she would … Continue reading

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Countering the World’s Darkness

Note to “followers”:  This may have gone out to you earlier last week as a DRAFT.  I’m re-posting it so that it will be part of the actual blog Living as Apprentices in an amoral world that daily spawns pain, … Continue reading

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Praying with Psalm 42

PRAYING WITH SCRIPTURE Use the questions below the Scripture passage to help you “pray”  verses 1-5  from Psalm 42.  For example, picturing a thirsty deer approaching a river may prompt realizations about your need for being close to God. Share … Continue reading

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“Soaked in the Presence of the Living Christ”

In Eternal Living, a new book reflecting on the life and teachings of Dallas Willard (who died in 2013), Richard Foster, his very good friend of forty years, writes, “[Dallas] possessed in his person a spiritual formation into Christlikeness that … Continue reading

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Living inside Hope

Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite novelists; The Poisonwood Bible, Flight Behavior are my favorites.  She is also seemingly well acquainted with Hope.  Here’s a Kingsolver quote about hope:  “The very least you can do in your life is to figure out … Continue reading

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“Live the Life I Sing About in my Song”

LIVING AS APPRENTICES In a blog on the Inward Outward website, Kayla McClurg of The Church of the Saviour says, “We tend to make [Jesus] into a paper-thin replica of our ideas of “holy” rather than let him be the … Continue reading

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Paddington Bear

LIVING AS APPRENTICES You and your spouse and two children (a 10-year-old and a teen-ager) are dragging yourselves through the train station after a much-dreamed-about but unsatisfying vacation when you are greeted by a scruffy  3′ 6″ bear wearing a … Continue reading

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Letter from Birmingham Jail

Today we are reminded of the life and work of Martin Luther King and many other courageous men and women who fought, non-violently, against discrimination and injustice and for the right of all people to live in the reality of … Continue reading

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