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Continual Renewal – The Renovare Way to Discipleship (Part 2)

This post is part 2 in a series based on the Renovare organizations covenant and “best practices.  See part 1 at https://livingasapprentices.com/2018/08/29/continual-renewal-the-renovare-way-to-discipleship-part-1/ The Renovare way to discipleship involves a  life-time of training in spiritual disciplines which arise from the six streams … Continue reading

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Becoming Prepared

Lately, I have had several dreams about organizing and preparing for a teaching assignment, a presentation or an event. In the dreams, I’m recruiting volunteers or creating an agenda or writing PR material or lining up a venue or outlining … Continue reading

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Lent 2017: Not What We Will Give Up, But What We Will Live For

“This Lent needs to be not what you will give up, but what you will live for. Not how you might demonstrate your piety, but how you might live in true obedience to God. Not what you will prove, but … Continue reading

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How Did We Get Here? – A Perspective on the 2016 Election

“How did we get here?” is a question I have heard often in the weeks since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. “What do we do now?” is the next question. The two quotes … Continue reading

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Living in Gratitude – Part 2 – “I’m Grateful for Silence”

The November holiday of Thanksgiving in the United States  offers us a time to reflect on the grace of God in our lives. This series will focus on the fact that gratitude is the rock of our faith; if we … Continue reading

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“Soaked in the Presence of the Living Christ”

In Eternal Living, a new book reflecting on the life and teachings of Dallas Willard (who died in 2013), Richard Foster, his very good friend of forty years, writes, “[Dallas] possessed in his person a spiritual formation into Christlikeness that … Continue reading

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Silence: Thinking with God

LIVING AS APPRENTICES I had a discussion with a group of people recently about the value of silence.  The group had been asked to observe a day of silence as a soul-training exercise.  None of them had found a way … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Discipline of Pondering

My Journey Recently I have developed the practice of pondering – as in “And Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”(NIV).  Ponder is an interesting word.  It comes from the Latin pondus which meant “a … Continue reading

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