Praying for Children in Poverty – Part 1


Compassion International, a sponsorship agency for children in need has just published the Journey Prayer Guide, a 30-day Prayer Guide for children in poverty, created by the staff of Compassion Magazine.  Below you will find prayer suggestions for a week.  Further suggestions will be published on this blog on Saturdays for the following week until the project ends.  You can also start your 30-days of prayer at anytime.  Eventually all of these posts will be filed in the Category List at the right of my blog under Praying for Children in Poverty.

You can also find the entire Journey Prachildren in povertyyer Guide with more specific prayer suggestions for each day at the  following link:

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through compassion, click on the Compassion link at the very end of the blog (Sponsor a Child) or right-click on this link.

Join me in praying for:

Day 1:  Children Who Live in Poverty – Living in poverty puts children at a great risk of illness, violence disabilities, exploitation and death

Day 2:  Kids Who Can’t Go to School –  Every child deserves an education.  More than 1 in 4 children in developing regions entering primary school will be likely to drop out.

 Day 3:  Abused Children –  Sexual abuse is  a hidden pandemic that affects millions of children in every country.

Day 4:  Orphans –  Jesus stressed the importance of caring for orphans.  Nearly 43 million children in the least developed countries are orphans due to AIDS.

Day 5: Peace –  Each day in 2013, 32,000 people left their homes to seek protection from conflict. In 2013, 51 million people were forcibly displaced as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, and human rights violations.

 Haitian_school_childrenDay 6:  Girls – Girls in poor rural house- holds are more likely than boys to be excluded from education

 Day 7: Sponsors – Sponsors and donors are transforming more than 1.4 million impoverished children’s lives through Compassion.  Many of these children would not have received health care, educational opportunities or biblical teaching without their sponsors.

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