Praying for Children in Poverty – Part 2

 ♠ Compassion International, a sponsorship agency for children in need has just published the Journey Prayer Guide, a 30-day Prayer Guide for children in poverty, created by the staff of Compassion Magazine.  Below you will find prayer suggestions for a week.  Further suggestions will be published on this blog on Saturdays for the following week until the project ends.  You can also start your 30-days of prayer at anytime.  Eventually all of these posts will be filed in the Category List at the right of my blog under Praying for Children in Poverty.

Join me in prayer for:

images (8)Day 8:  Safe Places – Imagine if your child didn’t have a place to play.  In the developing world, the poorest families live in unsafe homes pieced together with scraps of plastic, cardboard or tin, and open sewage is often a problem. Children don’t have safe places to play, learn or study, and their parents work long hours.

Day 9: Education for parents – Education is a pathway out of poverty.  In developing countries, every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by an average of 10 percent. Children are at greater risk of dying before age 5 if they are born in rural areas, poor households, or to a mother without basic education.

Day 10:  Children with Special Needs  – Throughout the world, kids with disabilities are less likely to attend school than children without disabilities. Kids with special needs are also more susceptible to violence and exploitation.

Day 11: Exploited Children – God’s plan is to give every child hope and a future, yet 15 percent of the world’s children are engaged in child labor, and child soldiers are now in almost every region of the world, illegally forced into armed conflict.

Day 12:  Equipping the Church – The pastors and staff who partner with Compassion to meet children’s needs often put aside their own similar needs. To minister to families in impoverished communities requires resources, passion and strength.

Day 13:  Communicable Illnesses –housing Many illnesses result from conditions of poverty, such as a lack of sanitation and health education. A large number of these illnesses are avoidable or treatable, and trans- mission can be prevented

Day 14:  Gang Violence – Every child deserves to walk through his neighborhood without fear, but gangs prey on the most vulnerable people. Most children Compassion serves in countries with high gang populations, such as El Salvador, live in dangerous environments where drug trafficking, abuse, gang recruitment and murders are common.

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