2016, Crossing the Threshold – “Become the Light”

2016We have crossed the threshold from 2015 to 2016. We are on the brink, at the dawn, on the verge of a new year.  As singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer says, “At a threshold there’s often a moment where what is old has passed away, but the new hasn’t quite arrived yet. So you stand there at the doorway.” As you and I stand in the doorway, we can take time to contemplate how to make this new year count.  How can we make this quickly-passing time significant? When you and I are on the threshold of 2017, will we look back at wasted time or will we smile at what we and God have done together?


In her commentary on the Gospel of John, Chapter 1, Kayla McClurg from Church of the Saviour in Washington D.C.  challenges us to hold on to the Word:  the “one in whom was life,” “a life that is the light of men,” “a light that shines in the darkness” – JESUS.  And not only that. As we reflect on the birth of Jesus, she encourages us to “become the light”

“It is good in this season to ponder the potency of God’s coming, and it is of great consequence to wonder about the meaning of this coming now. What difference will that “night of nights” make for all the other nights of our lives? Do we expect this light to scatter our current darkness? In 2016 will we be one of the messengers of this light, or will we strive to keep it hidden, not to speak out, not to disturb the dragons of darkness? In and through each of us, will he remain unknown, or will he shine?

Will this be the year we move from ‘wishing for a nicer world’ to making intentional contributions and distributions of light? As John sadly notes, it is possible for the light to be in the very world it created without ever being known. Will we add our voices to the cacophony of complaint, or choose to offer light?

serve others

What might we do or be? I heard about one person planning to surprise someone with a thank you note every day this year. Somewhere in Washington a curious person takes strangers out to dinner once or twice each month, in exchange for hearing their stories. In our community someone is inviting his Christian and Muslim friends to a potluck dinner later this week, just for the fun and the food and oh, yeah, his wish for a better world. The kind of world with more spaces for light to shine.  (From Season and Scripture: Christmas Year C, John.)

What light can you and I add to this very dark and sometimes sinister world?

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  1. Rich Herbig says:

    Still awake at 5 am? You are putting this time to great use, Karen! I have appreciated each of your entries this week! (Whenever they were written!)

    Thank you! Leslie >

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