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From my Reading

“Most of the time, people will not come out and say that they are good people in contrast to those who are not, but that is often what they mean. And this strikes me as a dangerous proposition. History demonstrates, … Continue reading

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Who am I when my Body Fails Me? – Someone in the Hands of God

Last night was the last class of a series on my booklet Living as a Wounded Healer.  We were talking about the difference between co-dependency, enabling, and Christian service. Someone asked a question which I couldn’t quite decipher. So I … Continue reading

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Preparing for Freedom

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is preparing to release eight bottlenose dolphins into an environment that approximates their natural homes. All but one of the dolphins was born in an aquarium or zoological park. Nani, the eldest, was born in … Continue reading

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My Once in a Lifetime Life: Finding Community in the Concrete Blocks – Guest Blog by Joy Zomer

“My Once in a Lifetime Life” is a series of occasional blogs written by Joy Zomer, who spent several years in Europe as a Christian missionary.  Now a single mom of three children, Joy is the director of a high school … Continue reading

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Seeing Beyond the “Vehicle that Carries Us”

“I had never understood before the invisibility of a human. How what we take to be a person is in fact a spirit we can never see. Not until I sat in that room, with the dead vehicle that had … Continue reading

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Going Deeper with God – Stages of Spiritual Maturity

Eugene Peterson’s book Eat this Book teaches us to chew on a passage of scripture, digest it, and then put it to use in practical ways. Our Christian fathers and mothers called this process Lectio Divina. In these passages, we learn … Continue reading

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An Easy Blessing

We were sitting in the blazing sun at my largely unsuccessful yard sale when she talked about how hard it is to get motivated to make the changes we need to make, particularly as we get older – and older. … Continue reading

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From my Reading

“To offer hospitality to a stranger is to welcome something new, unfamiliar and unknown into our life-world. . . . Strangers have stories to tell which we  have never heard before, stories which can redirect our seeing and stimulate our … Continue reading

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