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This beautiful poem from the “Oso Whispers” blog is another way of describing the cycle of forgiveness about which I blogged on August 26. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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My Once in a Lifetime Life – The Lesson of Zia Annetta, Guest Blog by Joy Zomer

“My Once in a Lifetime Life” is a series of occasional blogs written by Joy Zomer, who spent several years in Europe as a Christian missionary. Now a single mom of three children, Joy is the director of a high school … Continue reading

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The Cycle of Forgiveness

Many deep thinkers, all wiser than I, have written about forgiveness. They have shared their stories and their reflections on those stories, and I have learned much from them. But I have also learned much from reflecting on my own … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“. . . What are the spirits that bend and stunt each of us, that keep us from living fully upright and free? For some of us it might be past shame or grief, left untended until it lies in stagnant pools … Continue reading

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Trials and Blessings – Lessons from Moving

“Holy people live inside of a very creative tension that is held together by grace and compassion, never by logic alone”  (Richard Rohr in the Daily Meditation for August 21, 2016. The creative tension Rohr describes shows itself in the … Continue reading

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