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Transformed Lives Transforming the World in 2019 – The Need to be Transformed

“Holy habits deepen into fixed patterns of life. We experience a growing preponderance of right actions flowing from a right heart” (Richard Foster in Streams of Living Water).  This powerful quote from a major figure in the revival of the concept … Continue reading

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Going Deeper with God – Rooted and Growing (Ephesians 3: 16 -19)

In Eat this Book, Eugene Peterson teaches us to chew on a passage of scripture, digest it, and put it to use in practical ways. Our Christian fathers and mothers called this process Lectio Divina. In this passage, we are encouraged to dip … Continue reading

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From My Reading

 “You need to be liberated. Don’t carry over experiences from the past. In fact, don’t carry over good experiences from the past either. Learn what it means to experience something fully, then drop it and move on to the next moment, uninfluenced … Continue reading

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Falling in Love with Jesus

This blog contains more than 550 posts. The post below first appeared in April, 2013.  I am sharing it again because it transformation is the first concern of apprentices of Jesus and of their churches. Last night I discovered a book … Continue reading

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The Cycle of Forgiveness

Many deep thinkers, all wiser than I, have written about forgiveness. They have shared their stories and their reflections on those stories, and I have learned much from them. But I have also learned much from reflecting on my own … Continue reading

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Making the History We Want to Live in

The news this morning is particularly ugly — bombings, natural disasters, refugee crises, government corruption, nasty presidential primary politics, armed conflict in every corner. I am reminded of a post I wrote for this blog in 2013 which I am … Continue reading

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Three Steps to Transformation

Did you ever have a moment when something obviously true and astoundingly helpful struck you and you wondered why you never thought of it before.? I had that experience recently while teaching the Twelve Steps.  I was thinking about a … Continue reading

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Living as Apprentices Recently I asked members of a class I was teaching to look up the terms symbiosis and synergy as  part of their homework because those words were used in the chapter we were studying next. As does any … Continue reading

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