Editing Life


As a writer and a former re-write editor, I have learned the value of editing. I am on the lookout for mistakes in grammar and punctuation as well as the “how-did-that-get-there?!” typos. I ruthlessly eliminate unnecessary words. I aim to replace dull and common place language with specific nouns, energetic verbs, and sparkling adjectives. I admit to editing each post in this blog up to a dozen times, trying to create efficient, effective, and even elegant writing.  

The other day it occurred to me that editing our lives is even more important than editing our writing. What would happen if we put on our editor’s hat, sharpened our pencils, and began observing and curating (as in sifting and sorting) our lives?  Here is how that process might proceed:

  • what habits or attitudes would we eliminate?
  • what false narratives (stories we have created about our own lives, about the dynamics of our relationships,, and about the character of God)  would we examine?
  • what apologies and amends would we make?
  • what busyness would we eliminate?
  • what new and creative activities would we investigate to take the place of boredom?
  • what would we organize differently – our homes, our time, our priorities?
  •  what and how would we simplify – our  relationships, our attitudes, our closets, our activities?
  •  what would we add to our day – devotional time, play, “togetherness”  laughter, study and investigation, naps, reading, exercise, service to others?

No doubt you can think of many other alterations that could make your life more authentic, resilient – and Christlike.

Editing our lives does not mean being overly critical of ourselves or others.  The aim is not perfection. The aim is to create a life that is purposeful, meaningful, and pleasing to God. 


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2 Responses to Editing Life

  1. Wonderful post, well said, thank you! So thankful God helps me to edit my life; a continual daily challenge. Your list is a great reminder of these processes. I also edit my posts, and any writing, numerous times! I may well press reply, and think, “oh dear, this comment needs editing”. 🙂
    God Bless

    • You are so welcome! When I teach these ideas I call them “soul-training exercises” – we need to be in daily training just as much as anyone who wants to be physically healthy. Also,
      I, too, have clicked reply and wished I could call back the comment and edit. Once I even went back into the comment after it had been sent and edited it.

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