Brilliant Mind; Fiery Heart

Thispassion blog now contains nearly 620 posts.  I am  re-posting this slightly revised blog from November, 2015 on Easter Sunday because a brilliant mind and a fiery heart are both requirements for “resurrection living.

There they all were, more than a dozen “graduates” of the Apprentice of Jesus program, crowded around a couple of rectangular tables in a small room, sharing an atmosphere of expectancy. Each one had been transformed by the grace of a loving God. Each was taking on the challenge of becoming an apprentice to the Master, answering the call to “come and see” and “follow me.” Each now experienced a world of brighter colors, richer relationships, and unimagined freedom.

As I looked around the room, I shivered. I knew that I was seeing the same Spirit-filled passion to turn the world upside down that the weary and frightened disciples felt after being re-united with the risen Jesus. “These are people who have truly met Jesus,” I thought. “What a joy to see their passion!”  And I began the meeting.

Passion sets the hearts of like-minded people beating as they think about sharing what they know and feel with others. Passion is the difference between nodding and shouting “Yes!” Passion fuels action. Passion keeps us awake at night as new ideas demand attention. Passion turns the curious into the committed. Passion turns friends and acquaintances into fellow movers and shakers. Passion burns brightly even when discouragement and rejection pound on the door.

The Jesuit community has an expression that motivates their discipleship:  Brilliant mind; Fiery Heart. We need an understanding of who God is and how God acts in the world.  But it is passion that changes pew-sitters into disciples.

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