Three Words – by Sally Hoekstra, Guest Blogger

Sally is a member of one of my writer’s groups and brings a heart of love and empathy to every piece she writes.  You will be blessed by her latest offering.

Some days are meant for only three words, for that is all that can say.

It’s the day when you find out that a close friend of yours and your husband’s has had a stroke and while you rush to the hospital to pray, he still may not live.

Or the day that you learn that your childhood pastor and family friend is going into hospice care. He’s like a brother to your dad, so not only are you dealing with your broken heart, the broken hearts of the family, but also the broken heart of your dad.

Or the message that comes floating over social media from your childhood friend saying that the man she calls “her person” is clinging to life by a thread and cannot move or communicate.  And again, your heart catches and the tears come.

And the day you learn that your daughter-in-law has Lyme disease and you finally realize why she hasn’t felt well for months. She has been passed around to more doctors and treatments than anyone would want, only to have no diagnosis and a referral to another specialist. It’s a day of relief, but also a day of knowing the treatments will not be easy or inexpensive.

It’s in these situations where the three words come out, in a soft whisper – “Come, Lord Jesus.” For I know that the only answer to the issues is just that – waiting for the Lord to come. The pain is hard and real.  It’s a pain that comes from loving much and caring much for the people in your life.

Then, at the end of the day, while trudging up the back steps onto your deck, you see the moon starting to show itself and the sun setting. The entire sky is full of the colors and hues that will never be the same again.  It’s also that moment that the three words again escape your  lips, “Come, Lord Jesus.” And it is then that you realize, He has already come and He is with me and with those I love, shining the golden sunset colors upon us.  The moon glows brightly with the promise that He will come again. “Come, Lord Jesus.”

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