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The Vocabulary of Spiritual Growth

Recently, as a birthday gift, my son took me to a lecture by David Brooks, New York Times columnist, commentator on PBS News Hour and Meet the Press,  and author of The Road to Character.  One of Brooks’ major themes … Continue reading

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Sous Chef

WRITING AS AN ACT OF FAITH If you love the Food Network and fine writing, you are in for a great treat!  Michael Gibney, a sous chef (a restaurant’s second in command) since the age of 22 and an executive … Continue reading

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Who we really are

Living as Apprentices I feel like I am a reporter, tagging along with great thinkers  looking for drops of wisdom to share with my world.   I’m blogging this ” wisdom drop” from Richard Rohr because it is such a wonderful addition to … Continue reading

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Learning to Be Human

“You came from God and you will return to God. Your deepest DNA is clearly divine. What else did we mean when we said “God created all things? . . .  . You are already spiritual beings, and the only … Continue reading

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The Riches of Diversity

In the book Listening Hearts, Suzanne Farnham says, We tend to turn off the people we most need to hear. The people to whom we are least attracted often have the most to teach us. If we identify those to … Continue reading

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To Whom Much has been Given

 Recently I read several heart-felt tributes to Bill Vaswig  in the current issue of Conversations (a spiritual formation journal I highly recommend!)  These articles by giants in the field of spiritual formation celebrating Bill’s amazing life and legacy brought back memories of a January evening … Continue reading

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