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From My Reading

“Around the world today we see the rise of leaders who offer various forms of authority without vulnerability – strength without risk. This is the promise of every authoritarian government and every dictator, and it is increasingly the currency of … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“Our spiritual journey requires a deepening awareness of our own shadow and light. It requires a rigorous commitment to ‘catching ourselves in the act’ of automatic, programmed responses. It requires choosing instead to respond from the place of light in … Continue reading

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“Listen Deeply to Your Story”

Sr. Simone Campbell became a national figure — a bit of a religious rock star — as a face of the “Nuns on the Bus.” She is a lawyer and lobbyist in addition to being a nun, a poet, and … Continue reading

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Deep Communion and Dear Compassion

THE TWELVE STEPS AND SPIRITUAL FORMATION I’ve been marinating in the Twelve Steps for the past year.  They revolutionized my life many years ago, and they are doing it again, this time with help of Fr. Richard Rohr and his … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Patchwork Community

I learned about blogging from the teacher of Writing Beyond the Sermon at Western Theological Seminary last fall.  As a 70- year-old gray-haired woman, I joined a class of 20-somethings (mostly male) with no little fear and trepidation.  But I was determined … Continue reading

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Breaking Community

A few weeks ago, a small group I am familiar with experienced a series of “us vs. them” moments.  Group members began judging and criticizing others and those who saw themselves as “them” became defensive.  The feeling of community that was developing in the group … Continue reading

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