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From My Reading

Re: Separating parents from children at the border:  “Dealing compassionately with strangers seems to be a minimal requirement for just leadership in the model set forth by God, a theme that carries into the New Testament, where Christ’s followers are taught … Continue reading

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Being a Disrupter

Recently I heard a new business term used by Mark Cuban (one of the sharks on the TV show Shark Tank). After researching the word, I learned that it has been “current” for some time now. The term is: disruption. In … Continue reading

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“All Things are Redeemed in the Spacious Heart of God”

In her blog on the website Inward Outward, Kayla McClurg gives a poetic explanation of our suffering:  “Even with all that ended up happening, all that one could say went horribly off track for Jesus—betrayal, wrongful arrest, torture, a violent death—he … Continue reading

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