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“I Just Don’t see Color” (On White Privilege – 1)

I’m taking an unusual step – re-publishing two posts at the same time.  This one is from February, 2017. It describes my journey in uncovering the the stain of white privilege and the horror of the assumptions, openly shared or … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“As Christians, we need to make it a top priority to care for God’s creation and the abundance it is meant to provide for all of God’s children – especially the poorest and most vulnerable – now and in future … Continue reading

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What is “White Privilege?”

In the recent film, Hidden Figures, Katharine (played by Octavia Spencer), a black woman who is in informally in charge of the “black computer group,” has been repeatedly denied promotion to supervisor by her white boss, Vivian. In my favorite scene in … Continue reading

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To Act Justly – We will Go Deeper in Faith

The Ten Commitments of Resistance in the Trump Era by Wallis, editor of the social justice journal Sojourners, was written to help Christians deal positively with the election of Donald Trump and the principles of his presidency. No matter what side … Continue reading

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