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“I Don’t Want you to get Shooted”

Two recent events – one real and one fictional – sent me back a decade ago to an experience that changed my view of the world forever. The real event was the recent acquittal of a Minnesota police office for … Continue reading

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What is “White Privilege?”

In the recent film, Hidden Figures, Katharine (played by Octavia Spencer), a black woman who is in informally in charge of the “black computer group,” has been repeatedly denied promotion to supervisor by her white boss, Vivian. In my favorite scene in … Continue reading

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1214 S. Kedzie St. – Guest Blog by Sherrie Wolthuis

This post is the first in a new series called Journeys. A journey can be an  actual trip or it can be a pathway to spiritual or emotional growth.It can be a life-story passed down to children or grandchildren.  A … Continue reading

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I’m a Racist

Living as Apprentices This morning I read a wonderfully warm and authentic article* by a local pastor on racism which, he called ” a slippery snake that pokes its head out of the rocks and then slides back into the labyrinth of our thoughts.”  … Continue reading

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