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From My Reading

“Miracle. It is badly identified when it is thought to mean that which we don’t understand.  That’s the popular way the word is used, but it’s not the Christian way. . . Miracle, through the biblical tradition, is not what … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“There is nothing wrong with churches wanting to be culturally relevant.  But are gimmicks going to bring young people back to church?  Is that what people really hunger for?  I think the younger generation sees through what is slick and … Continue reading

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From my Reading

“In essence, shedding opens us to self-transformation. Paradox- ically, those of us who refuse such renewal will, sooner or later, be forced to undergo transformation anyway as a result of being broken or eroded by the world” (Mark Nepo, The Book … Continue reading

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What is Spiritual Formation?

If you are interested in the general topic of Spiritual Formation, you might want to check out 14 entries I have written for the Daily Devotional booklet, Words of Hope (from February 1, 2016 to February 14.  You can find … Continue reading

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