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From My Reading

“As soon as [the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation] began to spend more time understanding how people live their lives, we saw that so many of the barriers to advancement – and so many of the causes of isolation – … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

GOD IN THE WILDERNESS I have been soaking in this quote by Henri Nouwen: “God is not just our good inclinations, our fervor, our generosity, or our love.  All such experiences of the heart may remind us of God’s presence, … Continue reading

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“Times they are a changing”

These days, I ask my husband to call my phone to find my phone. read 30 pages of a book before I discover that I have already read it. leave the trunk of the car wide open and begin to … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“Living a spiritual life requires a change of heart, a conversion. Such a conversion may be marked by a sudden inner change, or it can take place through a long, quiet process of transformation. But it always involves an inner … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“Miracle. It is badly identified when it is thought to mean that which we don’t understand.  That’s the popular way the word is used, but it’s not the Christian way. . . Miracle, through the biblical tradition, is not what … Continue reading

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From My Reading – Part 4

“We have places of fear inside of us, but we have other places as well—places with names like trust and hope and faith. We can choose to lead from one of those places, to stand on ground that is not … Continue reading

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From My Reading

“Abundance does not happen automatically. It is created when we have the sense to choose community, to come together to celebrate and share our common store. Whether the scarce resource is money or love or power or words, the true … Continue reading

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“Not a Plan but a Posture” – Final Post for Live your Calling

Most Christians put great thought and energy into determining what our “call” might be. Ryan Pemberton makes a helpful distinction between God’s call on our lives and our personal calling:  “Christian calling means being called by the living, resurrected Christ … Continue reading

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