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“For every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills” (Ps 50:10 NIV)

    We were traveling through Iowa and Kansas  on a crisp and sunny September afternoon.  I was fascinated by the acres and acres of corn fields decorated by ribbons of fields of  grain.  As we crested a hill,  I noticed  black Angus cattle … Continue reading

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Sincere But Not Simple

“There are many people who are sincere without being simple: they are ever afraid of being seen for what they are not; they are always musing over their words and thoughts and thinking about what they have done, in fear … Continue reading

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Fanning the Flames

Several  years ago at Spring Arbor University, I sat “at the feet” of Richard Foster, spiritual formation giant and author of Celebration of Disciplines, as he reminisced about a lifetime of work attempting to restore the Western Church to the … Continue reading

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Chasing the Holy Spirit

San Antonio, June 2009.  I am jammed into a  crowded hotel meeting room. Eager participants are dragging chairs from other rooms into the aisles.  The stifling air is filled with  eager chatter.  Finally a professorial and  pretty ordinary looking man and five 20’s or 30’s -something young people … Continue reading

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God Provides a Way

MY JOURNEY I stared at the post card I held in my hand. It was a picture of Richard Foster! I blinked and looked again! It really was Richard Foster. And in large print were the words Get a degree … Continue reading

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Living in Wonder

A little girl and her grandmother were cuddled together in a rocking chair reading a book  when a loud crash of thunder got their attention.  The little girl got up and ran to the window.  “Grandma,” she called, “Come here, … Continue reading

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Praying Psalm 23

Long ago, I learned Psalm 23 “by heart.” This means that I memorized it and it became part of my heart.  I have said this psalm most nights for  years.  Recently I began to see how it can be used as a … Continue reading

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The Kingdom Carpet

In The Good and Beautiful Life, James Bryan Smith reminds us that the Kingdom of God “operates only in the present moment.  We can only live in the kingdom today. . . So worrying about tomorrow is a useless distraction.  Just … Continue reading

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