I Knew it Was Mine – by Sally Hoekstra

Luke 19: 40 “I tell you, he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

I knew it was mine.  The maintenance man was making his rounds through the store emptying trash cans.  He stopped, stooped over, picked something up and said, “Does this stone belong to anyone?”

Without batting an eye or even knowing what the stone looked like, I responded, ” Yes it’s mine. You see, it was in my head, the song we had been rehearsing in my rockchoir the night before:  “If we keep our voices silent, all creation will rise and shout.  If we fail to praise you Father, then will the very rocks cry out.”

I knew the stone was there for me – a reminder to praise him daily, all the time.  It has been at least ten years since I claimed that stone.  It’s not really a stone, it’s a rock; the size of a small fist.  I’ve always wondered how a rock wound up on the floor in the back corner of a store.  I’ve wondered how, but never why.  Every day it reminds me to not be silent in my faith.  This rock was meant for me.  I knew it was  mine.

Sally Hoekstra is a member of Christ Memorial Church

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