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Unity in Diversity – The Legacy of Howard Thurman

The following quote by Howard Thurman, an African American theologian, preacher, and quiet activist, came up on the Church of the Savior Inward/Outward e-mail today.  It interested me first because of its vision for authentic unity between people  and secondly because  Andre Daley … Continue reading

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Enough of God to Go Around

 A dust-up at work the other day reminded me of something I learned from Stephen Covey years ago: the principles of scarcity and abundance. I was raised in an atmosphere of scarcity.  To me, there was never enough time, enough … Continue reading

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Be Still – Sally Hoekstra

Psalm 46:10: “Be  still and know that I am God.”  It’s difficult for me.  It’s difficult to “be still,” yet the scripture say to “be still.”. The process of being still takes a long time for me. First I have … Continue reading

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Playing My Part

“Our ordinary lives are given an extraordinary significance when we accept that our lives are about something much larger, our pain is a participation in the redemptive suffering of God, our creativity is the very passion of God for the … Continue reading

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Cleaning Lessons – by Sally Hoekstra

I don’t like clutter. Papers and books and junk mail and stacks of catalogs and pillows and baskets of yarn – these things, and more, lying around make me restless and unsettled.  So I try to keep the clutter at … Continue reading

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Counting Blessings

Quiet, peaceful Thanksgiving Days.  I love them! Because of them, I am more likely to reflect on what brings value and meaning to my life.  These blessings (and more) I  rehearse and savor  often and intentionally to keep my perspective healthy: 1.  On … Continue reading

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The Riches of Diversity

In the book Listening Hearts, Suzanne Farnham says, We tend to turn off the people we most need to hear. The people to whom we are least attracted often have the most to teach us. If we identify those to … Continue reading

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Expecting More from Technology and Less from Each Other

“We all need sacred spaces where we keep to ourselves and to the people close to us.” This statement by social scientist and psychologist, Sherry Turkel, on NPR this morning is a lament about our increasing tendency to being always “on” and … Continue reading

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