The Beautiful Miracle of Life – A Newborn Deer

The miracle of life is the most amazing and “wonder-full”  gift God has given us.  From humans to deer and everything in between, it’s a truly beautiful thing to witness. Watch this newborn fawn discover the world.

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2 Responses to The Beautiful Miracle of Life – A Newborn Deer

  1. Thanks Kathleen. I was reading a lot of info on the shootings in Newton, CT just before I saw your comment. As I revisited the pictures of the fawn in my mind I recognized the dependence of those children who lived through the experience on those women who died defending them. And then I thought of the shooter evidently never felt the safety that this little fawn felt. I am so deeply grateful for the knowledge of the unshakable kingdom of God – God is still in control, even when the world seems to have gone mad.

  2. Kathleen Coveny says:

    Precious – a perfect example of our dependence and need for God. I certainly feel like that little fawn today.


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