Why it is so hard to love

Living as Apprentices

Here’s a thought from Beatrice Bruteau in The Grand Option

“I think the reason why we find it so hard to take our place in the Great Community is just because we have not clearly sorted out which motives and energies come from human nature and which movements must come from the person, and we keep trying to perform essentially divine acts—such as loving everyone, even our enemies, as ourselves—out of the resources of our human psychologies, which are quite inadequate for such marvels.”

My experience of loving everyone  out of the resources of my human psychology was to become an enabler who did as much harm as good.  It took me many years to realize that my human psychology needed a makeover by my Creator who never intended me to control or “fix” anyone and many more years to submit to the makeover.  I am reminded of a line by Thomas Merton to the effect that the only pure love is God’s love because God needs nothing.  How often our needs undermine our goal of unconditional love!

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